Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whew, I'm tired tonight. It's been a stressful few days, no energy for blogging. Rob hasn't been well. He went to the doctor today and we are waiting for blood results and hoping he just has a nasty virus. Although a virus isn't so welcome in the house right now because Steven's counts so low, at least a virus would have an end. We are really hoping whatever stomach problems he is having aren't more serious. My personal take is that whatever he has is somehow a result of stress, heaven knows we've had enough of that. He was a bit better tonight, we crossing our fingers for a better tomorrow. I'm not a stellar single mom.

And maybe that has something to do with stress, too. We've been on edge all weekend, waiting to hear my sister's scan results and today she found out that there is an area of concern, but they aren't sure. So more tests and more waiting.

I am still worried that Steven has a broken foot. He doesn't complain of any pain and everything looks fine, it's just that he can't do some of his physical therapy without extreme pain. Whatever it is must be minor, and we will probably get xrays, but his doctor said to wait and I'm all for that plan. That thing that concerns me most is that it will delay getting his prosthetic.

Today the boys spent the day sorting their LEGOs and building some models. We normally keep all of our thousands of LEGOs in a big bin all mixed up, so this is a major undertaking. It was a dream come true for Andrew who has an endless attention span for LEGOs and brother who doesn't have the same obsession. But obsession took over Steven and he has only left his room for bathroom breaks, food, physical therapy and piano. I heard him at 7am calling for Andrew, "Drew, come on and lets get started building!" They've made over 10 models, including the X-wing. Pretty impressive.


  1. I hope Rob does feel better soon. I have learned firsthand recently just how much stress can affect our health. I always laugh when the doctor says, "You really need to eliminate some stress in your life." Really? Hmmmm...would if I could. Hang in there. We hope for the best for your sister as well.

  2. I hope Rob's okay. Heaven knows I would have some stomach problems too, under the kind of stress you guys have had.

    I'd love to see those LEGO models. My boys would be impressed too.