Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Steven had his moment in the spotlight today--maybe more than he wanted!  He won an essay contest that he entered along with his class and was one of four first place winners in the United States.  He won a laptop and a visit from Sharon Robinson, the daughter of Jackie Robinson.  His teacher also won a laptop and autographed copies of one of her books.   If you get a chance to watch the news, he will likely be featured tonight.  We were a little stunned by the cameras in our faces and attention, so if we sound a little dense, don't judge!
Sharon was just an amazing woman and it was such an honor to meet her and have her share a little bit of history with us.  Her father was an amazing man and she has carried on his legacy so well.  The essay contest was to share how you had overcome a barrier using some of the values that Jackie Robinson lived by.  Steven wrote about cancer (big surprise!) and told about how he needed courage and family to get through it. 
I saw his essay for the first time today and while I wish I could have helped him edit it, he did a great job.  I think the way he lives every day is even more of a testimony to the values he lives by--he's a great kid!  We are excited for him.