Friday, March 8, 2013

The details

I wrote the title and now I feel pressure to actually write details.....hmm..  We'll see. 

First of all, Steven had scans today and they looked good.   All his appointments were quite early and very back to back and so the doctors could see the chest CT scans but no radiologist had submitted a report by the time we left.  The doctors couldn't see anything troubling, so I guess that means there is no obvious cancer anyway and that is good enough for us.

We were all very happy upon leaving the hospital--it kind of feels like someone just promised you three months to live and that is kind of cool.   I know it isn't that way.   There are no guarantees and most likely he will have a whole life to live, but for some reason, good scans feel like a gift.

And all that happiness dispelled all the fear and gloom surrounding our latest drama--Laura broke her leg last night.  She was jumping on the trampoline and nothing very dramatic happened--probably someone took her bounce--and then she was down and in pain.  We had quite the night last night at the instacare and ER.  In a weird cooincidence, her break is in the exact same place as Steven's tumor.   I was already an anxious mess with scans the next morning, but this kind of put me over the top.  I wonder what the doctors thought of me.  I wasn't freaking out, I was just dull and unfocused.  This was her second trip to the instacare this week--earlier she cut her chin and got stitches.  Between that and her bruised up legs, she looked pretty beat up.    I will say that she has had a glorius week playing outdoors as much as she can--lots of mud pies and sidewalk chalk and bikes and scooter and trampoline time.   Hopefully it will sustain her through the next few weeks!   The break is rather minor but she is still in a lot of pain.  She'll get a cast on Wednesday, but I'm not sure how long she'll have one.   She is really frustrated with the itchiness of the brace.

So there is that.  Steven's been so happy and doing so well.  I can't remember when I wrote last, but he still doesn't have a new prosthetic.  He had one for a while and it didn't work and so they started over.  It should be done in the next week or two.   His old one has been repaired and is working well in the meantime. 

And as far as Laura goes, I don't know the details on how mobile she will be, but I do have some pretty good connections to get her whatever mobilitly equipment she can use ("not crutches" say the doctors, citing her stitches and bruises).  So when the pain subsides, I'm sure we'll figure this out.   In some ways it doesn't feel like a big deal because we've dealt with worse, but in other ways it just boggles the mind that more misfortune can befall us.  

But honestly, as I left the hospital today, I didn't see it as a misfortune at all....I am just glad to have all my kids (and my sister) alive and well.  I'm feeling pretty lucky.


  1. Yay for clean scans!!! My sweet Laura. I have such mixed feelings each Spring when the weather warms up and the kids can go out, and get broken. Darn it. Love to you and really, so very happy about the clean scans, a gift indeed!!!

  2. So happy to hear about the scans! And I'm sorry about Laura! That is too bad and I hope it heals quickly so she can get back to playing.

  3. Clean scans are always great news. It was a good scan week for the Johnson Family. Sorry about Laura's leg, but I'm so glad it wasn't worse. Thanks for keeping us updated Sonja.

  4. Poor Laura. Just when she was having so much fun!