Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Almost normal

Steven and Sonja spent the morning at the hospital getting a blood transfusion. He is a lot pinker now with the new red blood cells. They gave him red blood cells, but not platelets. The reasoning there was because he had no bad symptoms from his low platelet counts, and that if they recovered on their own, it would be all the better for him. (Though I'm not sure why the same reasoning for the self-recovery of the red blood cells didn't apply to them and they went ahead with that transfusion... Hmmm, don't think too hard, I probably missed something). ;-)

After that, Sonja took Steven and the kids on a minivacation. Steven desperately wanted to visit his grandparent's cabin. I'm sure they'll have fun.

As far as my health goes, I'm feeling much better this week than last. I got some blood test results back and it wasn't hepatitus, thankfully. Still, something was/is affecting my liver as the tests show, but I think it's on the mend. Little did I know that recovering from a liver infection could take so long. It's not like a flu or cold virus. I wish it were just that. But, thankfully, I'm almost normal again.


  1. hang in there rob, I guess it was time for you to take a time out.