Friday, July 8, 2011

A birthday, the zoo and an accident

I'm totally worn out tonight, but thought I'd post a few pictures. Today was Laura's third birthday--three! It's my favorite age. She chose a zoo trip for birthday fun and fun it was. Lucky for us some cousins and grandma were going too. He really wanted to try the digger--so much that he ignored the crowd of people that was gathering, staring at his leg. We arrived before the crowds gathered, but it was busy by the time we left and on the way out he told me, "I'm going to put my hat like this (over his eyes) so that I don't see people staring at me."

We got home and went right to work on a birthday cake for Laura. My sister came over to help out (read: make the cake) and Steven was so excited to be a part of that. Then disaster struck--his crutch slipped on a spot of water on the floor and he fell on his rotationplasty foot. He was crying and more pain than I've ever seen him and I was sure it was broken. (Actually, I still worried it is broken.) He as been taking it easy all night, and is doing okay, but is still in some pain. I talked to his doctor and between the three of us, we decided to try to make it through the weekend and see how he is on Monday. Most likely he will be getting xrays next week. Please pray that it isn't broken!

Even still, Steven is excited about CureSearch tomorrow. He got pumped about the shirts that came tonight and he looked at the fundraising web page--blown away (as am I) that so many people are donating and coming to the walk. Because I never put a deadline on the shirt order, I have had several people tell me after I placed the order that they are coming. I ordered some extras, but there is a chance there wont be quite enough to go around. Sorry about the goof! We will do a first come, first serve thing and hope that most everyone will get a shirt. We can't wait to see so many friends and family tomorrow and know the rest of you are with us in spirit.


  1. We will be praying that his leg is not broken. That would be scary! Good luck tomorrow for the walk. I hope you have good weather and sounds like a good turn out!

  2. 3 is a fun age. Happy birthday Laura!

    Steven's fall sounds awful! We will be praying that it's not broken. Good luck with your cancer walk!

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!
    And-other than really tired, I'm so glad the foot seemed to be alright this morning. I think we may have been the last people there, and all the grown ups and half the kids got shirts. I only had the two littlest ones not get a shirt-so assuming I was the end-you did alright!
    It was an honor to walk with Team Steven. We're already rsvp'ing for next year!!!

  4. We were at the zoo yesterday too! I'm sorry that we didn't see you there, it would have been fun. The digger part was James' favorite part too :)

  5. Sorry about Steven foot! Sorry I missed the walk!

  6. Happy Birthday Laura! Ella will be 3 soon too! I can't wait for them to meet someday. I'll also be praying that the leg is not broken. I hope the race went well. Can't wait to read all about it.