Monday, July 4, 2011

Goodbye Cisplatin

And good ridance! On Saturday, Steven got his last dose of Cisplatin. This is the nasty stuff that is damaging his hearing and gives him prolonged nausea. The protocol for osteosarcoma is for four doses and he finished them all. Hooray! He got to come home Sunday night and is so pumped about the fireworks. He is actually taking a very rare nap right now so that I will let him see the city display. We now have an almost three week break until we go back in for chemo. Hopefully his neupogen shots will help him avoid a fever once again this time around. If all goes well, we are all planning to be at the CureSearch walk on Saturday.


  1. Love and hate the drug. Not sad to say good bye to it though! Steven has been a trooper through all this poison, I am so proud of him!

  2. Yeah! Done with Cisplatin and a three week break! This will be a great July. Hope the fireworks were awesome.

  3. Steve has been SO blessed. Thanks to so many any their prayers and faith.

    Hope everything continues upward, on to the cure!!

  4. Hope you had a great time enjoying firecrackers.... Steven...!!! and wish your every wish come true...

    Much love,