Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lego marathon

As soon as I get a chance, I will get pictures to prove this, but my boys spent most of the day building LEGOs again today. Finally, around 4pm, they emerged from their room for a little break. They both moved onto their other favorite pastimes: Steven read a book and Andrew teased his sisters. Rob was back at work today, but still not feeling 100%. No lab results for him yet. Tomorrow Steven is due for labs again and I will be shocked if he doesn't need a blood transfusion. I've never seen his so lethargic. He was in a good mood, just very quiet and still. As I was putting him to bed tonight, I took his temp and it was up just over 99. It may be nothing, but his counts are low now, so it is a big possibility. Hopefully I won't be writing from the hospital tomorrow. I kind of feel like I'm in stress limbo right now--nothing concrete to really get me scared, but lots of worrisome possibilities to keep me on edge.

LEGOs are not my favorite things, but today I felt like I needed to spend as much time as I could with the boys. I helped them sort and find pieces and tried to clean a little to find some lost LEGO pieces. It was so nice to spend some time with them, and I don't even mind that it is 10:00 and my kitchen is trashed. They were darling. At one point I made some comment about everyone seemed to be sick around here. Andrew said, "Well only Dad and me are sick--that isn't even half of us!" Steven and I exchanged smiles--it was just kind of funny that Andrew doesn't see Steven as sick.


  1. Andrew has a really good point there. Sending lots of "get well wishes" for 1/3 or 1/2 of you whatever that math turns out. LOVE YOU!

  2. You are absolutely amazing. What priceless times you are having with your boys. We are praying for Rob as well as the rest of your family.