Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Used to it?

Here we are, back at the hospital for chemo. They started the methotrexate around 6:30pm and if all goes well we will be home by Friday. He has already lost his dinner, but if we are lucky that will be the last of it. We have tried to make the most of his break (chemo will be a few days a week for the next three weeks). Steven has been plowing through a big pile of books. We spent Saturday in the canyon. Steven crutched around exploring a bit--even up and down hills looking at a beaver dam we found. He is getting to be unstoppable on his crutches. He's also got hopping down to an art. His little cousin was hopping around copying him-so cute. My favorite Steven quote of the week--"Mom, do you think my Field Guide to Yellowstone's Geysers, Hot Springs, and Fumaroles came in the mail today?" lucky for him it did. Steven also made it to most of church on Sunday. He thinks he might go to all of it next week. He is pretty self conscious about little kids and their gaping mouths when they see his leg. I would say he is getting used to the stares, though. I guess you could say we are all getting used to all of this. Sort of.

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