Thursday, June 23, 2011

A broken record

I went for a walk this morning before Steven woke up and I was trying to come up with a fresh way to report the news from the hospital today. I was unsuccessful! Maybe because of the interrupted sleep I got last night, or maybe because it is finally warm enough that even a morning walk was too warm for refreshing thoughts. But anyway, you can look at all my Methotrexate posts and know that history is repeating itself. If all goes well, we will get to go home on Saturday. Andrew is at swimming lessons right now with his cousins, the girls are probably playing at the park with one of their aunties. Rob got home from Canada last night and is back at work. And Steven is hogging the IPad because he doesn't feel well yet and our DVD player in our room isn't working. He's watching episode after episode of Phineas and Ferb on Netflix. Not exactly how I'd envisions summer of 2011, but hey! We do what we need to to survive, right? I've used the word "survive" so flippantly before, but now this is the real thing. Survival. Anyway, I am so thankful to all those involved in making this bearable for my kids and for me. You are all the best!


  1. So sorry you are spending your summer nights in a hospital room. Hope the summer flies for you guys.

  2. We are thinking about you and praying for you! Last night Gloria's full night prayer was about Steven and him recovering and kids being nice to him and asking for him to be strong and happy..... you guys are in our thoughts frequently.

  3. Heroes need pit crews, we're all happy to be on the team. Go Steve!!!!!