Friday, June 17, 2011

A small miracle

Remember my last post when I said it would take a small miracle for Steven to come home today? Well, we are home! In order for Steven to leave after this chemo, his methotrexate level needs to be at .10. On Thursday morning it was 1.11 and the doctor expected it to be .50 Friday morning. Well, his morning labs came in at .11! So close that they might have even sent us home that morning, but the doctor was so surprised that she was concerned the lab had made a mistake and ordered another test in the afternoon just to be safe. It came back at .08 and we were free! Steven and I were both elated and practically flew out the door.

Eight rounds of chemo done--10 more to go.


  1. I guess Steven's hard work paid off! So glad you can be home for the whole weekend!

  2. Hurray for miracles! We sure love you guys.

  3. Nothing like surprising even the Doctors! Haha.