Sunday, June 5, 2011


This evening we asked our kids what they would like to do this summer. Last year we did this--a checklist of all the fun places we wanted to go and things we wanted to do. We each took turns giving an idea. Laura and Addie had some big ambitions--they added things like "play in the sprinklers" and "play with Emma." Andrew was thinking bigger. He wants to do fireworks and go on Grandma B's boat. Steven wants to tour the copper mine and get a dog. (He's spent hours researching dogs breeds and searching the classifieds. I am all for the idea of a dog, it is the actual adoption that is making me nervous!)

Rob and I both had some ideas. The list we came up with is very long--maybe a little ambitious for a summer filled with chemo. One thing that I told them all about was the CureSearch Walk--a walk at Liberty Park to raise money for cancer research. Steven thought that sounded like a great idea, so we are going to do it!

I just set up a team--Team Steven. We would love to have any of you come and join us on Saturday, July 9th at Liberty park for the CureSearch walk. It costs $10 to join the team--kids walk for free. You can also be a virtual team member and just donate. You can read about CureSearch's financial responsibility here.

It is going to help to have some fun things to look forward to this summer, and I think this walk will be one of those. Join us if you can!


  1. The curesearch walk is now on our list of fun things to do this summer. It sounds great!

  2. You guys are awesome! And thanks for posting. It's great to read.