Friday, April 29, 2011

A busy day

Here is a short recap of the last 24 hours:

5:30 I take a call about a van for sale. I call Rob and tell him to buy it.
6:30 I call my brothers and dad for second opinion. I call Rob and tell him to drive it. Steven watches a movie.
7:30 Steven finishes his chemo infusion and wants to sleep. I decide to go with Rob to drive the van. My sweet neighbor comes and watches the sleeping kids.
8:30 We drive the van and start the buying process
9:30 We sign the paperwork at the dealership and head home.
10:30 I'm back at the hospital. Steven has a great night. No throwing up.
I'll spare you the nightime details. He wakes up every 2 hours or more to pee. But I did spend some time in the wee hours of the morning checking up on the royal wedding.
7:30 We walk down to radiology where he gets and MRI. I go jogging.
8:30 He is still in radiology, getting a CT scan. The nurse tells me "nuclear medicine" is coming to inject him for his bone scan. Nuclear medicine? Don't care for that name.
10:30 We get visits from the oncologists. He is ready to go to his bone scan
11:30 Back from bone scan, wanting to finish the movie he started.
12:30 A visit in the courtyard from Aunt Kari and cousin Tyler
1:30 Trying to finish movie, visits from pyscologist, social worker, hospital school coordinator and oncologist with scan results. Scans look good. The tumor has shrunken and there is some evidence on necrosis. Nothing new on the lungs or bones. Good news.
2:00 Movie finally finished. A visits from my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Barry. Visit from his school social worker. Uncle Barry gives him some Navajo treasures and teaches us about their healing traditions. This is the highlight of Steven's day, without a doubt.
3:00 Various phone calls to report scans and firm up car buying details and babysitting plans. He gets a methotrexate level drawn. The number is low-looking much better than last time, most likely we will go Sunday morning.

And now it is after 5 and I'm not sure how the last few hours were spent, but they certainly were. Email, phone calls, homework, Ipad. It has been busy, but things are looking really up today. Good news from the scan, new van coming, lots of support all around us.


  1. So glad all went well!! We'll keep praying that it will continue. Steven you are a trooper. We love you.

  2. I like all that good news!

  3. That definitely sounds busy. I'm glad things are looking a bit up. Your new van sounds fun!

  4. I'm glad to hear the good news from the scans.

  5. We still pray for him. We love reading this blog and seeing how he is doing. Great job, Steven!!

  6. Sonja, you and Steven are amazing.