Monday, April 11, 2011

And back down again

For those interested in the labs--he got them drawn today and his ANC was down to 100 already. I seriously just can't believe how much they can drop. (By the way, I thought the last number was a misread and I had him read it to me three times.) His hematocrit or red blood cells are pretty low, too--borderline needing a transfusion. We'll see what happens Thursday. I will continue with the shots until at least then and hope that we really have seen the lowest. If the last round was any indication, he would be low on Thursday, too. In the meantime, Steven is feeling pretty lethargic and I am praying he doesn't get a fever!


  1. Steve, as soon as your counts get back up, we need to go play with puppies again, deal?

  2. That is amazing. The chemo must be doing something!!! We will pray that he can avoid infection this time. We love you guys.