Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 10 lists

Top 10 things I will not miss about the hospital:

10. The cafeteria smells, especially in the morning
9. The parent shower
8. Super frequent packing and unpacking
7. Constant hand sanitizing
6. The parent "bed"
5. Fear of hospital germs
4. Nurse interrupted nights
3. Hearing babies cry down the hall or code blues on the PA system
2. Being apart from the rest of my family
1. Watching Steven feel miserable

Top 10 things I will miss about going to the hospital:

10. The beautiful views from the windows
9. Housekeeping!
8. Lots of time to think or read or waste time on the internet
7. Unlimited pebbled ice
6. Room service!
5. Pastry deliveries from my dad
4. Meeting and visiting with parents who are in similar situations
3. Spending time with Steven, a captive audience
2. The feeling we are actively killing cancer cells
1. The wonderful doctors, nurses and staff that have taken care of Steven so well


  1. Now those were some really great things about the hospital. It made me think I need to be more positive about things in my life I'm not crazy about!
    Way to finish strong, all you Blodgetts! Your family is an inspiration.