Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One last time

At 4:00 this afternoon, I finally got Steven's lab results and confirmation that he is indeed going in tomorrow for round 18 of chemo--his very last round!

I spent the day motivating Steven to do homework and physical therapy, doing laundry and dishes, etc. I kept debating with myself about whether or not to pack. I have some sort of superstition that if I pack, he'll get delayed. So here it is, 10:30, and I still haven't packed. I started on my child care plans about an hour ago.

But just as I heard the great news, Andrew got home from school and it was pumpkin painting time. Someone left us a fun surprise on our doorstep last night including pumpkins for each of us and paint and although Laura wanted to paint them when she woke up, I made her wait until Drew came home from school. So instead of packing, we painted. And after that and dinner, we headed to the library.

I can hardly believe I am almost to the point where I can put the suitcases away and be done with the packing. We were talking about what the girls are doing this round during dinner and I mentioned sleeping over at grandma's. Steven thought that sounded like a lot of fun and Addie said, "When this is over, I don't want to have any more sleepovers without you, Mom."

Poor thing! We are all at our limits--physically and mentally. Being done will truly be a reason to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrations, we felt like the end of treatment was a pretty good reason to party and so our families are hosting one. Everyone's invited, bring your families--

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  1. Hooray! Best of luck to all of you this week! Can't wait to see pictures and hear about Steven ringing the bell:)