Friday, May 27, 2011

Some pictures

Here is Steven on Tuesday. He really only smiled for the therapy pets while we were in the hospital. This one is Emily.

Here is Steven with Liberty.

A chemo evening with Cisplatin and Doxyrubicin. Those brown bags hanging are covering the bags of chemo. He basically watched movies for three days straight. He did not feel well.

Steven posing as The Thinker. He's feeling pretty good today.

Here we are off-roading at Wheeler Farm.


  1. Those therapy pets are wonderful. I'm glad they could cheer Steven up! Thanks for sharing the pictures

  2. When I was in the hospital with Maddie, Kaitlin and Brig, we got visited by Molly a big black dog that we were sure was Serious Black. Have you met Molly yet?
    Maddie is checking in there one day this week for a little surgery. How does it happen that we always miss each other?
    Good luck on the Chemo - it doesn't sound fun.

  3. When Alex looked at these pictures he said, "Look! Angel found Steven!!" Cute pics. I love when the therapy pets come.

  4. Greeting from the the pics. :)