Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yesterday Steven was supposed to declare his wish at the Make-a-Wish wishing room. Unfortunately, the room was broken (let's hope that isn't some sort of omen!) and we had to reschedule for tomorrow afternoon. He was pretty disappointed, but got over it and is really looking forward to tomorrow.

I won't have time to post about the wish declaration for a few days, but before he wishes, I wanted to list off all the things he has considered for his wish. This is a kid who studies maps for fun and has a variety of interests and passions. He has pondered his wish for all the months of his treatment. In fact, if he is ever feeling down, we can usually distract him by talking about what he wants to do for his wish. He has had a really hard time coming to a final decision, in fact, I'm not even sure he knows it yet. I guess we will know by tomorrow.

So here is a partial list of ideas he has considered (in no particular order). These are only the ones he has thought about--some he has thought of on his own, while others have been suggestions from others. I am not listing the ideas from other people that haven't interested him. For example, he hasn't considered a trip to Florida no matter how many different ways I try to spin it.

Unlimited wishes :)
Trip to Fiji
Trip to Hawaii (to see a volcano)
Trip to Mexico
Shopping spree
Lego room
A clubhouse
Trip to Yellowstone (to name a gyser)
European tour
Disney Cruise
2012 London Olympics
A giant coin collection
Legoland Denmark
African safari
Trip to the Galapagos Islands

He has gone to bed, or I would ask him if I have forgotten any. I know I have--for a while he had a new idea every week. Some of his ideas are very impulsive. For example, when he wanted a giant LEGO set, I asked him if he would even have the patience to put it together. ", but Andrew could do that for me!" Or once he thought of a video game room and I pointed out that it would be pretty lame to wish for something I wouldn't let him use very often! Oh yeah, and the fact that we have no house (details). Anyway, we are looking forward to tomorrow and to whatever comes of it. I can't even tell you how helpful it is to have something fun we can dream about!

By the way, Steven is doing much much better. He is totally off pain meds now and for the first time tried hanging his leg down and did just fine. Hopefully we'll get him up on crutches tomorrow, if even for a little bit. He is a little nervous about school because he has a substitute for the next couple of days, so he may not go again until Wednesday.


  1. Wishes are hard! My son is in the process of deciding on his wish too! He still has another couple of weeks before he has to decide. I'm excited to hear what Steven chooses! It is nice to have something exciting to look forward to after a year of mostly bad news!

  2. I can't wait to see what he decides. I wonder what I would wish for if I could have or do anything. I'm with Steven...Florida would not be on the list.