Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hair--2 months out

So, today is the two month mark from Steven's last chemo. His hair is longer than ever, and coming in much lighter than it was. What? At first he thought it was grey--it does seem to lack some of it's old colorfulness.

He has had a better day. He is still extremely careful with his leg and will only move very, very slowly in and out of the wheelchair. He is in good spirits, though. In the picture, he is playing with bubbles and dry ice. He spent a long time making a popcorn string--somehow he is still obsessed with the Christmas tree. Most of his anxiety about moving is gone. Okay, he is still worried and careful, but he isn't hyperventilating and crying anymore.

Someone asked when he would be going back to school. I don't know about that--I am almost positive it will be before the 8 weeks is up. He probably won't make it back next week, but I bet he will by the week before Christmas. Okay, I hope he will. If he doesn't go back and he continues with his obsession, we will have the most decorated tree in town. I will have to take a picture--I have been very generous and let my kids do most of the decorating. It is pretty special!


  1. I can't wait to see your tree! Steven is looking a lot more like his old self with all that hair.

  2. Hi there Sonja--just wanted to say you've been getting lots of prayers from us. I put his name (and yours) in the Salt Lake Temple tonight. I've got to admit, I kind of lost it when I found out he had broken his leg, poor guy :(. But, I've been so amazed when I watch cancer moms like you and how you're able to pull it together and not despair even when devastating things happen. Thanks for being such a good example of hope and just a wonderful mom. Don't get discouraged--things will work out! We're all rooting for you!!

    By the way, Andrew's hair used to be jet black, but it came in blonde. Kind of fun to see what their hair does...

  3. We were sad to hear of Steven's accident. We will double our prayers for all of you! Surely love you and hope those bones will knit quick and strong!