Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing, part 2

Where has my week gone? Sorry I left you hanging with the wish. Life is busy enough as a mom of four, but then add Christmas, and our anniversary and there is little time for blogging. I have been trying to simplify--I'm not sending Christmas cards or taking gifts to neighbors. And for once in my memory I haven't baked any goodies at all.

Not that we are being deprived of sweets. So many people have remembered us this Christmas and we are feeling very loved and very humbled. Thank you Anonymous for all the many ways you've helped our family this year and this season. I don't know where to send the thank you notes, but you all know who you are.

So, the wish. On Monday afternoon, Steven's wish granters called and told me that the wishing room was still broken, but they wanted to come over to our house and visit with Steven and get the paperwork started. Then when the room is fixed, Steven can go and officially declare his wish. She then asked if Steven knew what his wish was and I told her that he wanted to do a Disney Cruise. "Oh, Make-a-Wish doesn't do Disney Cruises anymore for financial reasons, but he could do a regular cruise or Disneyworld--just not the Disney Cruise."

Well, try to imagine how that went down with Steven. I got off the phone and told him the news and he shed many tears of bitter dissapointment. They were coming in two hours and I suddenly needed to get my house clean and help Steven stop crying so he could think of a new wish. Luckily, my youngest sister, who was home from college, was at my house and helped with all of these things. By the time the wish granters came, Steven was ready.

We played the wishing game and they asked him about all of his favorites. He had ready answers for all of them, including a truth-or-dare question from the game about where he has a scar, "On the top of my head where I had a mole removed." We all thought this was pretty funny considering his foot is on backwards, but he didn't see what was so funny and was a little embarrased that we laughed.

When it came down to the wish, we discussed different kinds of trips that would be just as fun as a Disney Cruise. The other wish granter told him that he may be able to write a letter to the board and convince them that he needs a Disney Cruise to fulfill his wish. Personally, I feel like beggars can't be choosers, and that another trip would be just as fun anyway, so if I have any say, he won't be writing that letter. But in an effort to get to the bottom of what would really make him happy, I asked him, "Steven, what would you tell the board in a letter? Why do you want to go on a Disney Cruise so badly?"

"Well, it looks like so much fun," he said, and then his bottom lip started to quiver, "And it's just that my family has never been on a real vacation." Oh, boy, now they are going to feel sorry for us! For the record, we have been on family vacations. True, none have been to Hawaii or Disneyland, but whatever.

In the end, he loved the idea of seeing a volcano in Hawaii and he also thought a cruise still sounded really fun. His job is to decide between those two wishes in the next couple of weeks. He may even get to do a cruise in Hawaii--we will see.

Here is the picture that they will put up on the wall at Make-a-Wish:

By the way, Steven is doing just great right now. Since Monday he's been up on his crutches and off pain medicine. He went to school again on Wednesday and was playing dodgeball last night at the family party.

Hopefully I'll post for Christmas, but if my life gets super crazy, I truly hope that all of your wishes come true this Christmas.


  1. Steven looks really handsome in that picture. That is too bad about the Disney cruise. I hope he ends up deciding on something he thinks is just as exciting!

  2. He is a handsome boy!! Have a Merry Christmas, you guys certainly deserve a new year full of peace!