Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas


  1. Hope you had a blessed and peaceful day!

  2. Amazing, Sonja! How creative and beautiful.

  3. I love that so much! Merry Christmas Blodgetts!

  4. Sonja, thank you for your Christmas video card. It's beautiful! Our very best wishes and continued prayers for Steven, you, and your family. I'm not discounting the power of prayer at all, but I wish there were also something more tangible that I could do from a distance. Can you think of anything we could make or do that Steven would like? Might he be interested in a pen pal, even short term?

    Steven's break must be incredibly discouraging for you. But it sounds like you have hope for 2012, and I have hope for you and Steven, too! Thank you for referencing Elder Uchtdorf's Christmas Broadcast talk. I plan to read it. Reading your posts is very inspiring for me and helps me have a better perspective on what is really important. I hope you know that you are blessing other people through your blog, even as you feel that you are just struggling day to day.

    My daughter Sierra (age 11) loves legos. This year she is in sixth grade at middle school. She participated in a school club called Lego League. It is not just building with legos. Instead, it is building robots out of legos which have a computer motor in the middle. The kids learn how to program the robots to perform tasks. And then there is a big competition with other schools in the area. Sierra's team didn't do particularly well, but she had a blast. I can imagine Steven doing Lego League in a couple of years if they have it in your area. And I can imagine Rob being the advisor for the school club. :)

    My email is If you have a minute, can you please email me with your email address and also your physical address? Then I can send you our New Year's letter whenever I get it done. I love you, Sonja, and I wish you a blessed 2012.


  5. Tears! I want a copy of that last picture - the family picture. Your girls are just beautiful. And look at those two handsome boys. Steven's hair is coming in very nicely. Merry Christmas to you guys too!