Friday, August 26, 2011

Round 14

We just checked into the hospital this morning for round 14 of chemo, this time high dose methotrexate. If all goes as planned, he will be able to go home Monday sometime. He is in good spirits today. He has been at school much of the week and even went for an hour this morning before he had to come to the hospital. He's reading a Great Brain book right now (a fun series if you haven't read them). He has gained almost three pounds since his last admission, so they were happy about that. It doesn't surprise me because he has been eating like crazy. After his labs yesterday afternoon, he stayed home from school and did some physical therapy and a piano lesson and all afternoon he was begging for more food--nothing seemed to fill him up. He has been taking an appetite stimulant--it is something like cyproheptadine (I'm sure I've spelled it wrong.) It is actually an antihistimine, but it also increases appetite. The first med he took for this was a low dose steroid and he hated the way it made him feel. This one hasn't made him uncontrollably hungry, and has also helped with his runny nose problem. We aren't too sure about that--the docs say that some kids can have this when they get chemo. We aren't sure if it has to do with allergies or the mucus membranes. Who knows, but we use a lot of tissue at our house and we should use more!

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  1. Celebrating the weight gain over here. Glad they found something that helps. How great would that be to not have to have an NG tube through the whole thing?