Friday, August 12, 2011

More chemo

I have so much to say and not enough energy to say it. I am writing from the hosptial--Steven is in for round 13 (just 5 more to go after this). He is only getting Doxyrubicin where in the past he has gotten Cisplatin simultaneously. Just before bed I asked him how he was feeling. "Great. I don't think the chemo has even come down the line yet!" He was wrong, he'd been getting it for four hours at that point. This is a 48 hour infusion, so we should be heading out of here around 5pm on Sunday, give or take and hour.

Today was Andrew's birthday and he got the unique experience of having his birthday party at the hospital We had dinner as a family plus Rob's parents on the patio and did cake and presents there. Not ideal, but the togetherness thing was nice. Not everyone gets a helicopter overhead at their party!

As we were waiting for his friend to come pick him up this morning, I said, "Andrew, I sure wish I could spend your birthday with you." He said, "Yeah, if Steven didn't have cancer, we could be together today." Of course, this is so blaringly obvious, but it still caught me off guard because he hasn't ever really complained about the cancer stuff. He's a quiet kid and I take it for granted that he is dealing with hard stuff because he bears it so well. All day as I thought about sweet Andrew, I got choked up. He has been a champ--very kind to Steven, bending over backward to help Steven with whatever he asks for. He often even offers to help Steven with little things he notices. For instance, the other day, Steven was carrying a book while crutching to the car and Andrew offered to carry it for him.

On another note, I just wanted to report that Steven's recent CT scan came back clean. Also, Doxyrubicin can affect the patient's heart and his echocardiogram today showed that Steven's heart function continues to look normal. Good news that will help me sleep a little easier tonight. That and an excellent night nurse who is superhumanly quiet. This is shaping up to be a good night.


  1. Sonja - have been following along and wishing I could be close to you for a good chat. I have a lot of thoughts about amazing Stephen and Andrew (that book story made me want to cry) and your girls and physical therapy which sounds tortuous and awful for everyone

  2. Thanks for the update Sonja. It was so good seeing you at the reunion. Sure love you. I promise I'll drop off that DVD soon. It's very good.