Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farewell summer

Ahh...summer. Where did you go? Tomorrow the kids start school and I am not emotionally ready. Our summer bucket list is incomplete and even tonight we were outside enjoying the perfect evening far past bedtime. How will we get up and going in the morning? Mostly, how will I let them go to school all day?

I think most of my anxiety has to do with Steven's counts. I don't really feel like long explanations tonight, but he is somewhere at a low point and his immune system could be down tomorrow. We won't know until tomorrow evening, or even Tuesday morning. A more paranoid parent wouldn't dream of sending their child to school, but if you could see how badly he wants to go, you might understand my dilema. You would think that he was getting ready to line up at Disneyland, not the fourth grade! Cancer--you won't rob Steven of his first day of 4th grade will you?

Tonight I will pray that he can go and will be safe. It will depend on his mouth sores--those are my guide to what his immune system is doing. I am excited for both of the boys, but truly, I will miss them. I will miss the lazy days we've had this summer and the fun days as well. Here's to sunshine and lemonade and water fights and stargazing and lakes and ice cream and road trips and fireworks and all the other lovely summer memories we've made.


  1. We'll pray for Steven too. He can't miss the first day! I love that he's so excited to go to school.

    I like the structure that school brings, but I will miss so much about the lazy, haphazard days of summer.

  2. I hope he got to go this morning. I am sad about school starting too. Can't summer last forever?!