Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prosthetic--part 2

Steven had another appointment at Shriners today to try on the mold they have made for his prosthetic. It was an interesting process. Scott had the mold made, but he would come and try it on, or try to put it on, and then dissapear to the shop where he or the technician would saw away at it. We could hear their machines working as we waited. He did this about six times or so, until he finally had it just right. As he moved Steven's foot, he made marks on the heel because it hurt Steven a little there and he will blow the heel out a little bit on the actual prosthetic. I don't really know any of the terminology yet for this, so you'll have to forgive me.

Steven is feeling really good right now. Having Doxyrubicin only was a breeze as far as chemo goes. Maybe it is because he compares it to his past chemo experiences, but he did great in the hospital. He ate the whole time and has had no nausea issues since he came home. When he had this combined with Cisplatin, he was nauseated for a week afterward and very much nauseated during. I took him shopping yesterday to get fit for a nice pair of shoes. (This is an important part of getting the prosthetic right.) He was dreading it--he hates shopping more than just about anything. The salesman looked at his foot, took a measurment and then came back with two pairs of shoes. He liked the first pair and didn't want to even try on the second. I am pretty sure he just wanted out of there. He ended up with the first one and left the store elated that he didn't have to do any more shoe shopping! I also took him to a fabric store to pick out what fabric he will have laminated to the new leg. He picked a galaxy design. The technician at Shriners dedided we should call it the "Van Ness Nebula."

So life goes on. School starts next week. I feel so much pressure to either squeeze some serious fun into the week or to just completely take it easy. But either plan will be a challenge as our days are scattered with appointments and tasks that move us ahead along our path. Why can't every evening be like tonight--the kids playing happily in the twilight, all of us sharing some homemeade ice cream. (Oh, yeah--except for the part where they fight over who gets to lick the beater. Well. . . okay. . . I'll even take that part.) Love it!

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  1. I can't wait to see the 'Van ness nebula'. :) You're a trooper, Steven!