Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ready for round 16

I swear I was just blogging about round 15, but here we are again, checked into the hospital. Steven is getting hydrated and once he is, he will start doxyrubicin--his final dose of that drug. I honestly didn't think he would make it here by today. But hIs counts looked great yesterday and he passed his echocardiogram. I still don't know the full results of that--I know his heart function has decreased but not enough that they are concerned.

Anyway, here we are--on the road to finishing this up! I have spent so much time wondering if and when this round would happen, that I really just can't believe we are here. Steven is working on a little homework, though he isn't happy about it. He didn't do much homework during his last round and had to finish it up when he got home, and was pretty sad about that, so we are trying a different approach this time.

He should feel pretty good for the duration of this infusion, which is for 48 hours once it starts. He is getting a flu shot as I type this--not so happy about it, but he just had it and it wasn't bad at all. They put the same lydocaine cream on his arm that we put on his port to numb it. Steven's doctor just brought in a group of doctors--maybe residents? that came to have a look at his leg. Who knows, maybe it is a once in a lifetime sight for some of these guys.

Better go. The nurse just popped her head in and told me that Steven is ready for chemo and it is here, so it should start around 3:00. The good thing about this one is that we know he will be done by Thursday afternoon now.

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  1. Amazing! Your family is absolutely amazing. We hope this round goes well.