Friday, March 4, 2011

Status update

So many people have asked, "How are you doing?" I thought I'd take a minute to answer.

Steven: It's 9:30 and he's fallen asleep in his chair. He's doing pretty well, considering. He's had a cold this week otherwise he said he thought he could have gone to school. He has had some nausea--very little food sounds good to him. He has thrown up once since we got home on Sunday. Last night I took him to visit his cousin and he chatted with me the whole 30 minute drive, which was great because he's been a bit withdrawn since this all happened.

Andrew: He seems to be going along just fine--he is teasing the girls a little more than usual, but for the most part seems to be trying to make this whole thing easier by doing what he is told. Last night while Steven and I were gone, Rob put the girls to bed and then started working a Rubiks cube. When he finally realized it was way past Andrew's bedtime, he went to check on him and Andrew, who had put himself to bed, was fast asleep.

Addie and Laura: My girls who have always played together beautifully are now fighting ALOT. They fight over who gets to get things for Steven, who gets to sit on my lap, who gets to say the prayer, who gets the kitty spoon, etc. Laura has figured out pinching. TROUBLE! Laura asks me several times a day, "Will you hold me like a baby?" I think they are needing more mommy attention.

Me: I'm hanging in there. I feel so torn with all the needs of my kids, worried about my sister and her little family, worried about Steven and his spirits, worried about all my kids. I'm eating again, but now it's way more junk food than I need. At the same time, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the kindness that people have shown us--it is just amazing. Little things that people do that are just exactly what we need right then. I am feeling loved, for sure.

Rob: I think I'm going to have to have Rob post his own status. Does the rubiks cube story give a clue?

It's a sunny day and I think I'm going to take my kids to the zoo. I think we could all use a little fresh air and sunshine.


  1. A trip to the zoo sounds like just what the doctor would order for a sunny day. Hope it helped to lift everyone's spirits. Sending a virtual hug you way!

  2. hey, it's a good season for junk food. Easter candy is the best!

  3. Steven and Sonja, Thank you for this blog. I think about you so much and it is nice to hear how things are going for you. We made a trip to the ocean last week and I thought of Steven the whole time. I hope you get lots of sunshine this week. I love you both.

  4. Sonja, It's Brooke and Ashkii. Just wanted you to know we are praying hard for your family. Even little Rachel (Laura's age) prays for Steven now. Hugs from Maryland! Ashkii, Brooke, Trevor, Savannah & Rachel