Friday, March 11, 2011

Hospital too soon

We are back at the hospital again tonight. As we were walking up to the entrance at 5pm and the sun was shining, Steven said, "what a bad way to end a beautiful day.". It was a nice day. We took a walk at the park and then a friend from school came to visit him after school. Jackson caught him up on the latest happenings at school and played chess with him. It really cheered him up.

Despite the sunshine, all day I've been worried about a low grade temp he was running. It was around 99.5 or 100 most of the day. The rule is that we call if we get two readings of 100.5 thirty minutes apart or a one time temperature of 101 then we call. So when I took it at 3:30 it qualified and they had me wait an hour and take it again. It went up one degree and so we came to the hospital. By 5:30 it was 102 and by 6:00 it was 103. They are doing a strong iv antibiotic and doing cultures on his blood to figure out what bacteria he has and which specific antibiotic will work the best. We can leave when his temp is gone for 24 hours, his neutrophil counts are high enough and under one other condition that I can't remember. The average stay is 3 days and it may affect his chemo schedule (he is supposed to start his next round on Thursday).

So here we are. I told Steven it was too bad we never made his hair pulling out video and he said, "I have to admit that I don't really want to lose my hair". It made me sad. Hopefully this stay won't be so miserable as a chemo infusion. We'll let you know.


  1. Hang in there buddy! Glad you got to have a few weeks of "home time."
    Sonj-call if you need anything-I can be just about anywhere in about 10 minutes. :-)

  2. I hate the hospital. I'm so sorry you had to go back so soon.

  3. You're right, the day was absolutely gorgeous! I'm so sad it had to end on a sorry note. Steven, tomorrow I'm running in a race for cancer research and I'll be thinking of you & Alisa the whole time! You are so strong and reading about your battle inspires me to appreciate the little tiny things that can make us happy, or at least help us get through each day. Praying and cheering for you all the time. :) -your mom's cousin Becks

  4. Sorry to hear this news. You and Steven are in all our prayers.