Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two years (almost)

Good news! Steven's scans were good today. Last night as I was saying goodnight to him, I asked if he was nervous and he said, "Not at all. Mom, they are going to be good. Don't worry." He was right, thank heavens! If attitude has any sway on cancer, then he has this thing beat. (Don't take that wrong--I'm all for chemo, trust me! It reminds me of a deep thought by Jack Handy "Dad thought laughter was the best medicine. Maybe that's why several of us died of tuberculosis.")

Slightly dissappointing to us was that he has to go back in December.  Not because they are worried, it's just that he needs all his yearly appointments, like an echocardiogram.   Plus, even though we are only weeks away from his two year anniversary of finishing chemo,  it was November when they did his post chemo scans.   And he forgort to drink anything this morning which threw off one of his tests.  

So I guess we'll be doing this again sooner than I had hoped, but that is okay.  We'll be extra sure before we take a six month break that he has no more cancer.

For today, I will just take a deep breath and thank God for giving us even more time with this darling boy.


  1. We are so so happy to hear the good news!

  2. What a relief! Thanks for sharing the good news.

  3. I was thrilled to see the good news last night. I sure thought about you guys all day yesterday! I hope you were able to celebrate last night!

  4. Yay for good scans! I'm really amazed by you & appreciate all that you share on your blog. It's been good to catch up on your posts here. Trevor had a great time with you all Twin Lakes. We are grateful to know your family Sonja!