Sunday, January 6, 2013


I've been thinking about the old year and the new one...lots of thoughts. The Mayans thought the world would end in 2012. At one point, I thought mine would too. And then the world just kept turning around and I am still going with it.

When 2012 started, I had a feeling in my bones it would be eventful. I get everyone's Christmas letters and most years I think "I'm off the hook--nothing much has changed around here." Last year I envisioned how I would send out a Christmas card announcing a new house and a new baby a trip to Hawaii and Steven cancer free and walking. Some of my dreams came true. But when December came, I found I couldn't write anything Christmas cardy at all--to tell bad news hardly seemed festive. My family pictures all seem incomplete and so I passed this year.

Not all surprises were bad. To be honest, at one point I didn't think my sister, Alisa, would still be around. I'm so glad that I was wrong. She shows me everyday how to hope.

As I start a new year, I am trying so hard not to have too many expectations but at the same time be full of hope.

I did find a dog....I've searched hundreds of ads and hers was the first that really grabbed me. She isn't exactly what I was looking for, but it still feels right. Of course, she hasn't been here long, I hope my intution was right. For now we call her Molly, but don't get anything engraved yet...I have a tendency to change names. Her parents are a mini labradoodle and an Aussiedoodle, but she seems to be mostly Australian shepherd. I was hoping for a nonshedding dog, but I'm pretty sure she sheds. We are kind of in love with her already, though, so we may have to overlook that part.

My picture doesn't really do her justice, but isn't she cute? Doesn't that look just inspire hope for a great year?


  1. Dogs are amazing animals! We love our little Toby and he has brought so much comfort to all of us. "Molly" or whatever you decide to name her, is a sweetheart. You can see love all over her face. So good to see you and the family over the break. Hang in there and take each day at a time, or each day minute by minute! Love you.

  2. Dogs make everything feel better. She really is darling!

    I'm glad to see the word 'hope' in your post. I've been thinking about hope a lot too, especially after the passing of your baby and my dearest friend. Hope is essential. I'm so hoping for the day when we will be with those we love again.

    Love you Sonja!

  3. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2013. There's nobody I can think of who deserves it more than you. The dog is ADORABLE! I think you found a good one! You're gonna love having a dog and really, just give it a couple of months before you decide if it is too hard or not.

  4. I love that dog! I want to drive to your house every day to see her!

  5. Happy New Year Sonja! We hope 2013 finds your home filled with happiness. Lots of love, The Sundbergs

  6. She is beautiful! I like the name Molly. Count this blog as your Christmas card. You are doing fine. Better than fine, all things considered. Love you!

  7. What a darling little dog... hopefully she will only shed minimally as she has the "doodle" in her! Good luck!!

  8. Oh goodness, is her personality as cute as her little face? When can I come meet her? I have somebody to meet you also, when you feel up to it. Oh, and yes, we all hope for an amazing new year for you and all your family!

  9. Adorable puppy!
    I hope 2013 brings you some healing, some joys and some love. Surely this puppy will bring you some of all those things, as well as some adventure. I hope you have fewer "events" in your life this year and that things can start to seem fairly 'normal'. We think you you all and are grateful for all you have taught us of strength, endurance and faith. Hang in there and know we pray for you...