Monday, April 30, 2012

Hair cut

I will start this post with an apology that I don't have before and after pictures. If I get ambitious, I might post one later. Today I gave Steven his first haircut since before he started chemo. Well, once I took him to a place and they trimmed up the ends, but it doesn't really count because his blonde tipped curls have stayed in tact. His hair is getting supe long and when the curls aren't tight, he has been sporting quite the wild head of hair. Plus my mom has been threatening to cut his hair whenever she sees him, so I figured it was time and he reluctantly agreed. I picked the boys up from the bus stop with every intention of taking them to Cookie Cutters, but they were tired and hungry and begged me to just cut their hair at home. I only know one haircut and that is short. So while Steven watched a Nova episode, I cut off his curls. Addie couldn't take her eyes off him and every few minutes said, "I just can't get used to how you look, Steven." And Laura said, "You look like the old Steven from when before your foot was on backwards." And then before he went to bed, Steven came and found me in my room and confessed on the verge of tears that he is sad his hair isn't curly anymore. And even though this post is making me cry as I type it, I tried to be nonchalant and said Really Helpful Things like, "At least you have hair," and "You look great no matter what your hair looks like," and "If you have to suffer 9 months of chemo to get hair like that, it isn't worth it." And even though those things are true, they didn't comfort him or even me. And I don't know why. Is it because that hair represents the great health he has had since the chemo is over? Or because curly hair is just cuter? Or maybe his new look reminds us of how things used to be. But whatever it is, maybe don't point out to him how straight his hair is looking. It seems that my little guy who doesn't care about the look of a backward foot has a streak of vanity afterall.


  1. Um, can I point out that having to have a haircut after such a long time of not having hair because of Chemo is totally worth some tears. I sent a few your way as I read this. Have I told you how much I LOVE these kids?!?!

  2. I think he should grow out his hair if he wants to. It makes him happy and before you know it he will have to cut it for a mission, job, college, a wife :)
    Let him have curly hair now and enjoy being young (but you are the mom and the boss so you get the final say)

    1. Well, part of the issue is that the new hair he is growing in isn't as curly. There is still a little wave to it, but it is dark and straight compared to what was cut off. And at some point, too long of hair looks a little crazy. So I should have just had it trimmed a little and kept some of the curl, but now it is short and just not so curly. But he is feeling better about it today, I think.

  3. I can totally feel your pain, Sonja! I am not sure why hair is so sentimental but it just is. Don't feel bad about it, it is what it is. the tears are a good thing and the darling curly hair reminds us of the preciousness of life.

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