Monday, June 27, 2016

Some pictures

My sisters helped me take some pictures last night and I mentioned I wanted to post some pictures showing Steven taller than me, so here we go.  I forget because I see him everyday how much he is growing, but then we'll see an old friend who is blown away by how much he's grown in the past few years.

After losing my sister and father-in-law, I've been keenly aware of how important it is to take pictures.  And then I learned another hard lesson--you need to back them up.  A month or so ago, our hard drive crashed and most of our pictures and videos were lost.  I mainly have anything I've ever put on a blog or printed off.  We still have some hope to recover them, but there is no guarantee it will happen.  So BACK UP YOUR PICTURES!  Just a little reminder.

Summer is going well here--nothing major to report.  My kids are growing up fast and every day flies by.  I continue to work on enjoying the moment.  


  1. Look at that beautiful family! Steven looks fantastic, and boy has he shot up like a weed! I love the pic of you and Rob--you just look so happy :). Love you and your fam, Sonja.

  2. Hey I'm Monica from Dallas,TX..I've been reading your blogs for past two days..Stevens is a wonderful kid, I'm really happy to see that he has that courage and spirit to fight cancer..its not easy at all people lose hope and beg God to die..they are least who can fight and get success..I'm hopeful that Stevens is one of those..he will win and he is going to beat the hell out of keep it up Stevens..You are totally "Awesome" just like my brother Josh he also suffering from cancer but it is pancreatic cancer..he took folfirinox in chemo suggested by Dr.Gasalberti of it really helped in shrinking cancer...he is also fighting this battle just like Stevens..and I'm hopeful that they both will beat the hell out of cancer!