Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A trip to Lava Hot Springs

Several years back, Alisa had this fun idea to have an "originals" day trip to Lava Hot Springs.  So my siblings and parents (without spouses or kids) all met in Idaho.  It was so much fun.  I have so many siblings and we are spread out enough that our parents used to take us on separate vacations.  We think that this was the first and only vacation that was with all of us and only us.  

It was such a fun memory.  Alisa and I often talked about doing it again with our kids some summer day.  But it seemed like there was always something else (like cancer treatments) holding us back.  

One day in July I suddenly had the thought that we should make that trip happen for Alisa and her boys.  I almost felt like she had whispered the idea in my ear.  So I set a date and made plans.  And we did it!  It was a rainy day, but the hot springs make all the water warmer so it was really fun and not crowded at all.  We all pushed past some fears and were brave like she was.  Josh jumped off all the platforms and I went down the big slides.  Luke braved the river.  It was just a great thing.  I felt like she was bringing us together. 

Here are some pictures from both trips.

The ride up--not a flattering picture of me, but I can't help but smile when I see it anyway.
All of us
She was a brave one!

Steven and James down the river.

Out of fifteen pictures of us on the river, this is the only one I don't look absolutely terrified in!  And you can't see it, but we have Steven's leg in the middle of our tube.
Tubing the river is my favorite thing there--and it's the only thing we took pictures of.  Don't miss it if you go to Lava.


  1. What fun! Great memories, thank you.

  2. Love it, Sonja. I'm sure Alisa was smiling down on you all.