Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hair cuts

It is so crazy to me that of the 400 cases of osteosarcoma every year in the United States, one of them this year is a boy at Steven's school and in Steven's grade.  And from what I understand, his tumor is on the same bone and on the same leg as Steven's. They've never been in the same class, so Steven doesn't know him very well yet.  He's been in treatment for a few months and is getting his surgery this week if all goes well.

At the school, the sixth graders and several of the teachers and staff shaved their heads or donated hair to Locks of Love yesterday to show solidarity to this boy.   Steven wanted to be first in line--I think he really wants to do something to help him, and I haven't been the best at finding him an opportunity to follow through with that desire.  I was so grateful that the teachers and kids at school planned this support day at school.   Steven loved it! 

Addie has been growing her hair out for some time now.  This week she decided it was finally time for her to cut her hair and donate it to Locks of Love.  Once she decided to do it, she didn't hesitate.  On the way home, I said, "There are going to be a lot of people who are sad you cut your hair." 

She said, "Well someone who doesn't have hair will be very happy I cut it." 

14 inches to Locks of Love

Steven and Addie

Andrew finally succeeds in his photobombing efforts

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  1. (tears in my eyes) thank you Addie and Steven, wow, sacrificing for someone else. Things like that are the best gifts you could give me.