Sunday, February 3, 2013

Three months ago, Daniel was born. It feels like I've lived a lifetime since then. A baby was blessed a church today. I didn't even cry this time, but then when it was over, it struck me that today would have been Daniel's blessing day too. And so I skipped Sunday school and went to Daniel's grave to say a little prayer for my baby.

I have been gathering some pictures and thoughts about Daniel for a scrapbook. I came across this one that Alisa took of Addie at the graveside service that I love:

She is trying to catch a snowflake on her way to lay a flower down on Daniel's casket. It looks like hope and beauty and optimism, all the things I am seeking as I try to find some meaning in his death. I've come a long way in three months, but I still miss my little baby.


  1. You bring hope, and beauty and optimism into my life Sonja. Thank you for sharing you life with all of us. Thank you for that sweet card in the mail. Let's get together soon for lunch or something. I would love that!

    P.S. Love your dog!

  2. That picture is as beautiful as your thoughts. EVERY big event in our lives reminds us of our loss, but thankfully, with the gospel, we are also reminded of all our blessings!

    We are always here if you need someone to talk to or hug!!

  3. You are so beautiful Sonja! It's on my bucket list to meet you someday! I just love how you can be so honest and hopeful all at the same time. I love the picture too!

  4. I love that picture!!! What a beautiful girl. Alisa sure has some talent. Sometimes you just have to look at something through the eyes of a child in order to believe that the Lord really does have a plan... (oh, and I miss your little baby too.)

  5. What a beautiful picture of such a beautiful little girl, no wonder Deacon loves her!