Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Steven has been on the lookout for amputee themed costumes ever since he decided to have his leg amputated. Here is what he came up with this year--every time we took a picture, he had to pose with a serious face. I mean, cyborgs don't smile, right?

He is doing really well. One new development is that his hearing has deteriorated in the last year to the point where the audiologists are recommending hearing aids for him. I have noticed a change, but the thing that has concerned me the most is his speech. I have had his speech evaluated and they told me to first test his hearing, and so I moved up his hearing test (scans and exams are all scheduled for December) and have been working to get that done before the baby comes.

Steven isn't too excited about the prospect, but I think he is hoping it will help him. His main concern is that people will stare at him even more. One of his regrets is that he didn't have them for his cyborg costume today. He will get them next week and so we will see how that goes.

And yes, it won't be long until we are a family of seven! It is almost too much for me to wrap my mind around. I know things will get crazy around here (oh wait, they already are!) but I am so excited to hold a new little baby. The kids can't wait either. We are in for a wild time the next few months! Hopefully I'll get a minute to keep you posted when the little brother arrives.


  1. That's sad about Steven's hearing. But we are excited for your new baby! You look great.

  2. Sonja - those costumes are excellent! So fun - all of them. Especially yours - that little baby skeleton is so funny. Love it.

  3. Hearing aids, shmearing aids. That's nothing after what you guys have been through!

  4. I had to get a hearing aid and I was worried about the 'stigma' but it took months before people even noticed I wore them. They would say to me, "When did you start wearing hearing aids?"and I would respond....months ago! It wasn't too bad but it did take some getting use to. He will do fine. Best wishes on the new baby. I hope everything goes well and he/she arrives safely! Sending prayers your way!