Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Team Steven

One of the highlights of 2011 for me was doing the CureSearch walk with Steven. We were surrounded by lots of people who came out to support us and it was just an amazing feeling. I was so looking forward to walking again this year, but kept putting off registering a team and getting the ball rolling. Then it turned out that Andrew is going to be baptized that day--at the very same time, and there were no good alternative days we can do the baptism.

(Doesn't Andrew look thrilled to be there?) Which reminds me, Steven is really bummed we can't do the walk this year. He was really looking forward to actually walking this year!

In my attempt to do a little something, I have set up a team for Steven, although we will only be there virtually. We invite any of you to join the team--you can just donate or you are welcome to go to the walk. It is on September 29th at 9am and will be at Sugarhouse park this year. We plan to walk every year in the future, so for those of you who wanted to be there--let's mark our calendars for next year.

Here is the link to my team page. I am having a hard time personalizing my page for some reason, but will try again on a luckier night.


  1. That was a great day! We're in for a virtual walk! We're in indefinitely!!! Email me about the baptism, we're happy to be involved with that also! It's probably just as well, the Doc won't let the belly walk anymore.

  2. Hi Sonja,
    We had a meeting in Munich today and I met your relative Terry Blogett, he is married to my friend from Logan High- Cheryl. we (my husband and I) graduated the same year with her. They will be leaving the mission next week and we have only been here in Austria for 5 months. I check in on your blog sometimes to see how you are doing. sounds like things are going great.
    alles gute
    Sister Terri H Weidman