Monday, July 9, 2012

Star raising

On Saturday, Make-A-Wish hosted a star raising party for Steven. He got to decorate a star to hang in their beautiful building and give his guests a recap of our trip. Everything was perfect--it was a great way to end such a lovely experience. Last night before he went to bed, Steven was getting sad that it was all over. He was reading his Hawaii travel books again and plotting ways to get there again as soon as possible. There is no question that Hawaii will always hold some of his best memories.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday night.

This is the front of his star. On the back, he had his brother and some cousins sign their names and wrote "cancer" and then crossed it out.

This is him raising the star. As he hung it, they played "When you wish upon a star." So sweet.

Here we are with Steven's wish granters. What amazing people! I hated for the party to end and say goodbye. Thank you Gloria and Tiffany and Make-A-Wish!


  1. It was a fun party! Make-a-Wish is awesome.

  2. I love this!!!! So glad Steven got to experience such a fun adventure

  3. What you didn't say was "And they had a pinata and Steven took his leg off and beat the poor fishy pinata with it until the candy came spilling out." That was AWESOME!!! Thank you for inviting us. It was a very special night for a very special boy.

  4. This is great. I love Make-a-Wish!