Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things I should be posting on the blog, but haven't been

For those of you who faithfully follow my blog, I am so sorry to have been deliquent lately. I wish I had a great excuse for my neglect, but I don't. On the days when I think to myself, I should update the blog--sometimes I can't even get through the thought without pushing it aside. For some reason, the blog just isn't calling out to me. I feel like I am just wanting to move on or something and the blog just reminds me of cancer.

I am forcing myself to post today because I fear that some people take my absense to mean that something is wrong. I am happy to report that life is great. Steven is doing so well. This week he got his new leg and has been amazing us every day with his new physical feats. Yesterday he spent over an hour on his scooter. He had tried it once with his old leg and it didn't work--he just didn't have the strength. When he tried it yesterday, he was up and going--just like the old Steven. After scootering around, he went to a friend's birthday party where he walked all around, hiked up steep hills, and walked the quarter of a mile from the park to his friend's house without crutches or complaining. He is getting stronger every day--he hardly uses his crutches at all anymore, and while he still limps significantly, it gets better every day. He loves to show me his tricks on the playground, like scaling the climbing wall or sliding down the fireman's pole. It is like he is one again and so proud of himself. When he gets home from school, he usually has a new accomplishment to report--like playing foursquare without crutches, or climing the steps to the upper playground.

As has been the case for the last few months, Steven continues with his happy and positive outlook on life. Everything is a new adventure and he rarely says "no" to any suggestions for fun. He looks forward to school every day and (as has always been the case) he does whatever he can to get us out the door on time. Being late to school just won't do.

And life around here is going by fast. We are finally feeling like we can buy a house, and so the search is on. I want nothing more than to start packing, but I guess since we haven't even seen a house that we would buy, it might be a little premature. We should hear about when we go to Hawaii sometime this week. On Friday Steven competes in the state geography bee. He hasn't been studying too hard, so we'll see how it goes, but it should be a fun break from routine anyway.

I've been obsessing about getting a family photo done--if I've learned one thing this year its that life is too short. We finally got them taken on Thursday. I tried to upload some, but I think my blogger account is full and I need to add some memory. Here is one of just Steven--you can see that his hair is looking great these days.

I really need to post a picture of his new leg--I promise I will very soon. He has gone to bed for the night as I finish up this post and I don't have one taken already. See? I told you something was wrong--me who has documented every stage of this and I have failed in a week's time to get a picture of the new leg. He went with a Hawaiian theme for the pattern on the leg--kind of fun. P.S. Sorry there are no paragraphs! I guess I need to figure out this new format--or maybe use a diffrent browser. Either way, I'm going to bed now, but I do apologize--I put them in there!


  1. Life sounds grand, with so many fun things to look forward to. Great picture of Steven. He looks very handsome...and WISE.. Good luck with the geography bee!

  2. I love these posts because it shows that life goes on positively even after terrible trials and suffering. I LOVE Steven's hair!

  3. That is some great hair. I'm glad to hear Steven is getting around so well on the new leg!

  4. He is looking so old and handsome in that picture. And who cares about paragraphs?

  5. Cute Steven. He really does get around so well. Bryon and I are amazed whenever we see him walking.