Monday, February 13, 2012

Curly hair

Here is a picture of Steven shortly after washing his hair--after it dries it gets wavy or crazy rather than curly. One of his nurses called it the $100,000 perm. That is so true, except the price is a little outdated. I still have only trimmed up the ends--it is just too much fun to see so much hair.

Today Steven got his class picture back with pictures that were taken in October. He had just a bit of fuzz on his head at the time the picture was taken and he still had that chemo look to him--a bit tired and pale. He was so embarrassed by the picture that he didn't want to show it to us. (He forgot that we had all seen it months ago when it came home as his school picture--the class picture takes a lot longer to come out.) He said, "I want to tell other kids going through cancer that they should wear a hat in their school pictures." I thought it was pretty funny. I don't remember the day he had pictures taken or if we discussed a hat possibility. At the time, he wasn't wearing hats very often. We were just so used to the bald head, that it didn't bother us. But now, with his full head of hair, I think he is a little shocked when he sees that old look he sported for so long. I have to say, I'm glad that the chemo look is behind us enough that it looks foreign.


  1. Wow-look at all that hair! It looks like maybe it's darker too?

    1. It is wet in this picture, so it looks darker. At first it was lighter, but the growth now is about the same as it used to be, maybe a little less colorful. Ya know how hair can just look dull? That is how it seems. But with the lighter stuff on top, it kind of looks highlighted.

  2. Amen! I saw a picture of Tim just yesterday when he was in the middle of chemo treatments. He looked so pale, thin, sick, and of course, he was bald. I couldn't believe it was my son! We are enjoying the healthy look again with hair. Love the curly hair:)

  3. I had heard that curly was a possiblity, but wow. Tell Steven that many girls would love to have his hair!! I know most boys do not care, but it looks great! Good to hear he is back to a healthy normal life... new Normal, but a great normal!